No hairstyle actually changes the face shape. However, if you want to master illusions of a thinner face, you’ll want to go for some face-elongating options.


Here are our top eight recommendations for flattering hairstyles for women with a round face.

The Side Part

Adding a deep side part is such an easy move for any hair length or texture because it slims out the face. No need to join in on the middle part fad!

Long Loose Waves

Adding in loose waves with this look is a great way to bring more focus to your hair, whereas a super sleek style might accidentally enhance the look of a fuller face.

Teasing at the Root

Whether your hair is styled up, down, straight, or curly, adding visual interest and height at the root will draw the eye up and away from the fullest part of the face.

The High Ponytail

A high ponytail with volume at the root will serve to draw the eyes up and away from the fullest part of the face. Ponytails have no age limit, so women over 40 need not steer away from this hairstyle.

Side-Swept Pixie Cut

Often times as we get older, our cuts get shorter and shorter. They certainly don’t have to, but if you want to rock a short haircut, take advantage of the beautiful and chic side-swept pixie cut.

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