4 Solutions for Thin Lips

For many of us, we find ourselves with thin lips as we get older. Here are 4 ways to plump your lips, from store-bought remedies to surgery.

So whether you’re ready to go full-on Angelina Jolie, or just want something to give your pucker a powerful moisture boost and your lipstick something to hang onto, we got you.

Looking for a subtle, low-maintenance fix? Experts suggest starting with a good retinoid cream, antioxidant serum, and, of course, daily SPF.

Solution #1: Topicals

It’s not just for your forehead anymore. Botox is being used all over the place, including in the vertical lines around the mouth (known as smoker’s lines).

Solution #2: Botox

Is there anything that lasers can’t do? According to Dr. Perkins, these miracle workers can be helpful in reducing the lines around the mouth.

Solution #3: Lasers

Today’s hyaluronic acid injectables are safe and long-lasting. Sold under leading brands Juvederm and Restylane, they fluff your pucker for six months or more.

Solution #4: Lip Injections

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