Top Indoor Date Ideas to Elevate the Romance

Just because the weather is cold, it doesn't mean romance can't heat up. Here are some fun indoor date ideas that can keep the love flowing.

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best, especially once we’ve reached our 50s or higher and have much less patience with overly complicated plans.

Perhaps the simplest date of all, meeting at a local coffee joint for a cup of java, is an always-popular indoor date activity for all age groups.

Coffee and Conversation

Get out the candlesticks and the good plates, choose a nice bottle of wine, create a meal together, and enjoy!

Dine by Candlelight

Spend the evening sipping wine, creating a simple painting, and laughing a lot in a room of people doing the same. When finished, you take home your paintings as a souvenir.

Paint and Sip

For some couples, a date comprised of volunteering together can be a delightful and very satisfying experience.

Reach Out and Touch

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