Top Herbs to Improve Circulation

Poor circulation is an issue that may not seem like a big problem, other than the fact that it’s annoying, but it is not something that you should brush under the rug.

Read on to learn more basics about circulation and how the right herbs can help.

With your blood flowing as it should, you allow your organs and tissues to get all the oxygen and nutrients needed to function correctly.

Why is good circulation important?

– Swelling – Bulging veins – Pale or blue skin color – Cold fingers – Cold toes – Weak or painful muscles – Numbness

What are some of the symptoms of poor circulation?

A sedentary life that lacks regular movement is one of the most significant contributors to poor circulation.

Why does it get worse with age?

With movement, you are helping your veins pump blood back up to the heart and keep the circulation cycle going.

How can you improve your circulation?

1. Vitamin E 2. Vitamin B3 3. Iron 4. Hawthorn berry 5. Ginkgo biloba 6. Gotu kola 7. Prickly ash

What vitamins and herbs are best for improving circulation?

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