Tips for Preparing for Your Aging Parents to Live with You

As your aging parents start to lose the ability to live on their own, it's time to consider your options. If you want them to live with you, here are steps to prepare.

So let me help you out – and I’m not saying I have all the answers, so I reached out to experts and other like-minded caretakers.

This will allow both parties to express their feelings and set expectations, avoiding any misunderstandings and resentment towards one another.

Communication is Key!

It’s second nature to child-proof your home when bringing your newborn home, but it’s also equally as important to assess the safety of your home for your elderly parent.

Assess the Safety of Your Home.

We both work full-time, and the added caregiving duties caused tension at home due to exhaustion. A caregiver relieved the pressure.

Professional Home Caregivers are Lifesavers!

We started small. We invited Mom out for (early) Friday evening dinners at one of our favorite family-friendly restaurants, occasionally inviting family and friends to join us.

Start Small.

This is the time to be supportive and listen. We listened, and she also made an appointment with her local physician.

Be Ready for Emotion.

It’s important to secure the appropriate documentation when taking in an ailing and/or aging parent.

Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Proxies, Medicaid Qualification, Oh My!

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