Things to do Before Saying “I Do”

While getting married is an occasion for celebration, it can also force you to make tricky financial and legal decisions and tackle issues involving children, assets, housing, and retirement.

So before you tie the knot, it’s important to tie up some less romantic details so you can avoid some problems down the road.

Having all the details worked out before you walk down the aisle will prevent the money train from derailing.

Discuss Finances

In a marriage, assets and income usually become communal property and are shared by both parties—even if they’re held in one person’s name.

Consider a Prenup

Proper estate planning will make sure your family’s financial needs and wishes are taken care of after you die.

Talk About Will and Estate Planning

Plan for Retirement

You want golden years full of travel and romance. Having a candid conversation about retirement—when, where, and whether or not you can afford it—is a must.

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