The Only Tool You Need to Make Your House Shine

The Roborock Dyad Pro makes cleaning your house a breeze. In fact, it's such a great cleaning tool it even cleans itself!

Keeping those floors clean is a never-ending struggle and often takes me more than an hour between sweeping, spot cleaning, and mopping.

It offers various modes tailored to different stains; the max mode provides maximum suction and increased water dispensing.

Save Time with Smart Technology

The powerful suction is designed to suck up the dirt or whatever else was spilled on the floor and dispense clean water to get rid of any stains.

No Dirt Left Behind

Here’s another really cool part of this mop: The brushes clean themselves! There’s a base for the mop where you essentially park it.

The Roborock Dyad Pro also uses separate tanks for its detergent and water.

Keep It Separated

Its solution dispenser does it automatically, so you’re not forced to figure out how much solution needs to be mixed with how much water.

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