The Many Faces of Aphasia

Aphasia is an impaired ability to use or comprehend previously understood words and language.

Strokes, which are more common as we age, are caused by either a burst or blocked vessel in the brain.

Causes of Aphasia

The most common types of aphasia include:

There are several types of aphasia, defined mainly by the type of language-based impediment the individual exhibits.

This is one of the milder forms of this condition. Those with anomic aphasia have difficulty finding the right words when communicating, particularly nouns and verbs.

Anomic aphasia

Broca’s aphasia is caused specifically by damage to the Broca’s area of the brain. They often know what they want to say, but the language to express it becomes difficult to convey.


Those with Wernicke’s aphasia often have trouble with comprehension and are often unaware that they are making communication errors.


This type of aphasia closely mimics Broca’s aphasia. TMA is due to a stroke or brain injury that impacts Broca’s area in the brain but doesn’t directly injure that area.

Transcortical motor aphasia

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