In the 1990s, NASA used LED lights to heal astronauts’ wounds more quickly. And, in 2002 the first blue-light therapy was approved by the FDA as a treatment for acne.


Here is the process of  Healing properties of cold laser light therapy 

What is Cold Laser Light Therapy?

Cold light therapy is a versatile treatment that can help to speed healing for several musculoskeletal and skin-related issues.

What Cold Laser Light Can Do

Some of the conditions this procedure helps to diminish or prevent include carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

What Cold Laser Might Do

Although this process is helpful for many different conditions, it isn’t a cure-all. For some conditions, it only addresses a portion of the problem. 

What Cold Laser Might Not Do

CLLT seems to improve mobility for those with a frozen shoulder or temporomandibular disorder but does not appear to be effective at relieving the related shoulder pain.

Drawbacks of Cold Laser Light Therapy

It can be expensive, running between $50 to $250 per session, and cold laser light therapy is the length of time needed before it takes effect.

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