The 75 Hard Program: Everything You Need to Know

Establishing good habits takes time—75 days, to be exact, according to successful entrepreneur and podcaster Andy Frisella.

He is the man behind the wildly popular 75 Hard program that promises to help followers develop mental strength, discipline, and grit—in other words, to become stronger than their excuses.

1. Drink one gallon of water, use lemon for added benefits. 2. Follow a diet of their choosing with no cheat days or alcohol.

The Steps

3. Complete two 45-minute workouts, one of which must be outside. 4. Read ten pages of a non-fiction book–no audiobooks allowed! 5. Take a daily progress photo.

The Steps

Even with Baker’s military background, she rated it a 7 out of 10 difficulty-wise, primarily due to the time management aspect.

How Hard Is It?

It is free, and there are no specific nutrition plans, exercises, or supplements. The diet and workouts are completely customizable and up to the individual.

The Pros

Detractors from the program argue that 90 minutes of exercise a day is too much, especially when no rest days are built into the program.

The Cons

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