Simple Ways to Help Prevent The Flu

It's the season where illness starts to spread like wildfire, from colds to the flu and everything in between. Here's how to fight it!

While there is no foolproof way of avoiding the flu entirely during flu season, there are several simple steps we can take to greatly reduce the chances of catching the flu.

Though not 100% effective, the influenza vaccine blocks approximately 40% to 60% of influenza infections.

Get your flu shot.

Hands are the most likely body parts to come into contact with other surfaces. This makes cleaning them vitally important for avoiding infections.

Wash your hands with soap and water.

Ensuring that you get enough sleep, exercise, and good nutrition also helps to boost your immune system.

Maintain healthy habits.

It both helps to maintain the mucous membranes, which protect the body from viral and bacterial invaders and decreases irritation of the throat and nasal passages.

Stay Hydrated.

Virus can linger on surfaces for 24-48 hours, turning commonly touched items (doorknobs, remote controls, phones, faucets) into potential disease carriers.

Disinfect commonly touched surfaces.

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