Signs Your Man Is Going Through  ‘The Change’

You may be surprised to hear that men can go through menopause too. As men age, they may encounter a phase often referred to as male menopause or andropause.

In this story, we will explore the concept of male menopause, its potential causes, symptoms, and available management strategies to help men navigate this transformative stage of life.

– Hormonal Changes – Lifestyle Factors – Stress and Mental Health – Medical Conditions

Potential Causes of Male Menopause

Men experiencing male menopause often report feelings of fatigue and a noticeable decline in energy levels, which can impact daily activities.

Symptoms of Male Menopause

In addition to emotional changes, declining testosterone levels can lead to changes in sexual health, including reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, and a decrease in overall sexual satisfaction.

If you find that the symptoms are taking too much of a mental toll, counseling should be at the forefront of considered treatments.

Management Strategies for Male Menopause

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