Signs You’ll Age Well

Do you wonder what will happen as you get older? Will you look older than your years, or stay refreshingly youthful?

Here’s what to look for to tell if you’re aging well.

If you see loads of sunspots, aka, the brown spots on your neck, hands, arms, and mainly your face, it means you’ve been in the sun a lot in your life.

A Lack of Sunspots

Wrinkles are an easy way to see if you’ll age well. If you notice crow’s feet while you’re still younger, it can mean a loss of collagen and elastin.

No Wrinkle in Time

It turns out that women born with high cheekbones and oval faces look more youthful as they age.

How High Are Your Cheekbones?

First-degree relatives (mom and dad) will show you how you’ll look as you age because your genetic makeup has a massive impact on appearance.

Your Parents Look Young

Hair is viewed as a symbol of vitality, so make sure you take good care of it with the proper shampoo and conditioner and even take vitamins.

Lux Locks

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