Reasons Why Your Husband Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

Like the ebbs and flows of life, so too go men’s sex drives. At the beginning of your relationship, sex was awesome.

Some men may not be very sexual or lack confidence in initiating sex, especially if it's traditionally been their role. There can be various reasons for a husband's lack of interest in sex.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) and prostate cancer, both of which can kill a sex drive, tend to rise as men age.

Medical conditions

When there are power struggles, conflict, tension, or bubbling resentments, your husband may not want to make love to you.

Relationship issues

When life gets crazy, sex can slip way down on the list of priorities. And as nature plays out, a man’s sex drive will inevitably decrease over time.

Your relationship feels platonic

Unfortunately, it could be your man is spending his sexual energy elsewhere—hooking up with someone, sexting, looking at porn, or simply masturbating.

He has other sexual outlets

The stresses of life—aging parents, work, money issues, children, grandchildren, etc.—can shut him down emotionally and physically, turning the sexual desire switch off.


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