Powerful Vitamins for Women 50+

Even the healthiest diet can lack the appropriate amount of vitamins. We highlight the most powerful vitamins to keep you healthier.

While a healthy, well-rounded diet should give us the nutrition we need, dietary supplements can help us get the right amount of specific, essential nutrients.

As we age, here are the powerful vitamins you should consider taking.

Vitamin D, made by the body from sunshine, is critical to our health because it is needed to absorb calcium.

Vitamin D

A vital nutrient for maintaining healthy nerve cells, blood cells, and DNA synthesis, vitamin B12 is vital for maintaining the energy needed for our active lifestyles.

Vitamin B12

Your body replaces your entire skeleton approximately every decade by recycling old bone and forming new. Insufficient calcium intake can lead to inadequate new bone formation.


The impact of omega-3 fatty acids are: Eyes: healthier retinas Heart: lower rates of heart-related issues Bone: Improve calcium levels for stronger bones

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

As we age, the body’s production of CoQ10 declines. This is a vital enzyme for converting food into energy and a key to heart health.

Coenzyme 10 or CoQ10

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