In this post I’m going to tackle the exercise part of the equation. Know this, however – there is no one-size-fits-all eating plan.

How to Fight Postmenopausal Weight Gain with Exercise

The better exercise solution that will prevent postmenopausal weight gain or help you lose postmenopausal weight is not intuitive. You’re probably used to thinking the harder you work the more results you’re going to get.

1. Cut back

Cutting back on exercise may actually make more sense. The idea is to get better – not just to get tired.

2. Shorter Workouts

Signs you need to shorten your workouts include feeling “flat” following a workout. Instead of feeling good you feel like you’ve pushed to do it and never really reached the “zone” where endorphins kick in.

3. Lower Intensity Cardio Workouts

Signs you need to reduce the volume of your intense workouts can include lower quality sleep, lack of interest in doing activities you’d normally do, and lack of results.

4. Heavy Weights

Heavy weights help you use cortisol correctly. If the stress hormone cortisol were a runner it would be a sprinter, not a marathoner.

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