Worst Sleep Position

Unfortunately, it is the sleeping position that many people find the most comfort in. The worst position for you to sleep in is on your stomach.

Why This Position is the Worst For Your Health

It strains your back and neck.

When you sleep on your stomach, it makes it difficult for your spine to be in a neutral position. This means that you are opening up the possibility of some back and neck problems because your spine is unable to support you.

Makes breathing difficult

While some people say that sleeping on their stomach alleviates issues with snoring, that may be simply because this position makes it harder to breathe. This position puts pressure on your diaphragm, which can lead to breathing problems while you’re sleeping.

How to Fix It

If you snore and/or have sleep apnea problems, sleeping on your side may help alleviate those issues. According to a study, sleeping on your side is best if these are the problems you’re facing.

While your sleeping position plays a major role in your quality of sleep, there are other things that you can do to improve your sleep. One is to cut out caffeine and alcohol anywhere near bedtime.

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