Low-Maintenance Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Women that are over 50 enjoy effortless hairstyles that speak to their no-fuss lifestyles, and they require looks that are chic, low maintenance, and elegant.

If you are trying to find a new cut that’s suited to your next stage of life, here are some of our favorite flattering hairstyles that won’t take hours to complete.

A bob works on any hair type, but thin and straight will not hold the shape as well.

The Short Bob

If you need to feel some hair around your shoulders, the long bob, or lob, could be right for you. Any hair type can work with this style.

The Lob

Adding layers to a bob creates a shaggy, sexy look that’s still very age-appropriate.

The Layered Bob

If you prefer a short haircut, a pixie cut is an ideal option. With no hair on your neck, you’ll feel lighter and younger.

The Pixie Cut

Shag cuts are all the rage among younger generations, but they look surprisingly attractive on older women as well.

The Shag

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