Lose Weight With 6 Small Meals A Day

Numerous diet plans exist, ranging from skipping meals to consuming larger quantities of food. This multitude of options can cause confusion, and a confused mind tends to be unproductive.

Here’s a reassuring fact, science has shown that some people are more successful with weight loss if they eat smaller, more frequent meals.

An easy mistake at mealtime is to accidentally load up on calories and carbohydrates through condiments.

Be Careful Of Your Condiments!

The average adult woman needs between 1,600 and 2,400 calories per day.

Fine Tuning The Small Meals That Are Perfect For You

– Green salad with various veggies topped with 4 ounces of chicken. – Handful of almonds (one serving size) and 2 ounces of dark chocolate.

Examples Of Small Meals

– Cottage cheese with pear or apple slices. – 5-ounce steak with salsa and 1 serving of guacamole. – Vegetable soup or chicken tortilla soup (small bowl).

Examples Of Small Meals

– Turkey, tomatoes, and avocado in a lettuce wrap. – Scrambled eggs or egg bites with fresh veggies and ½ piece sourdough toast.

Examples Of Small Meals

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