The Why

Cellulite tends to show up more in your prime in part because of both thinning skin and thickening connective tissue that occur with age. Tight connective tissue that lacks hydration has more haphazard patterns that increase the cottage cheese appearance.

The Goals

Your first goal is to improve circulation. Next, it’s increasing lean muscle while decreasing body fat.

The Steps for Losing Cellulite

To lose cellulite, include each of the following four components each time you workout.


Perform cardio six times a week. Make sure 1-2 of those sessions is high-intensity interval training for boosting fat metabolism and balancing hormones, both of which will help you lose cellulite.


Your strength training exercises should target major muscle groups. Pay particular attention to the areas where your cellulite appears.


For the most benefit you want to roll areas where you have cellulite and do it such that it’s not just a pleasant experience. Rolling over the trouble spots up to 20 times will help hydrate and iron out that connective tissue.


Finish your workouts with a stretch for each of the muscles you’ve just worked and rolled. They’re primed for stretching post massage or SMR.

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