How To Boost Serotonin Naturally

Serotonin offers a range of benefits, including mood regulation and improved digestion. There are various ways you can increase your serotonin levels naturally; here are our top 5.

Understanding how to boost serotonin levels can have a significant impact on our overall health.

It has been shown that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is associated with lower serotonin levels, so it makes sense to increase time outdoors.

Get Enough Sunlight

Going for a walk, jogging, or joining a fun aerobics class may be just what you need to feel motivated and energized.


Eating a healthy anti-inflammatory diet is vital in healing the gut, and it is essential that you avoid sugar, processed foods, and unhealthy oils.

Eat Anti-inflammatory Foods

Serotonin syndrome is a rare condition in which your body accumulates a high level of serotonin. Combining certain medications or overusing supplements can cause this condition.

Moderation is Key

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