How Much Fiber Per Day Do I Need?

Fiber intake is something you might think comes naturally, but most Americans are deficient. Here's how much you need.

Most people consume only up to 15 grams of fiber per day, but the recommended daily allowance is 21 grams for women over 50.

Fiber comes from plants, and it’s the part of plant foods that the body isn’t able to easily digest. It passes through your intestines, providing benefits along the way.

What is Fiber?

– broccoli – lentils – quinoa – beans – nuts and seeds – unpeeled apples

What Are Good Sources of Dietary Fiber?

At the University of Illinois, dietary fiber was proven to reduce brain inflammation during aging.

What are the Benefits?

Researchers in Germany reported how the combination of dietary fiber and gut bacteria helps support the cardiovascular system.

The American Institute for Cancer Research reports that whole grains, which are a rich source of fiber, greatly reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Correlation Between Low Fiber Intake and Colon Cancer

The ideal supplements are those tailored to your body, but beware of brands with added ingredients among the many options.

What are the Best Fiber Supplements?

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