Habits that Make You Age Faster

Some habits, however, have the opposite effect, shortening our lifespan and making it more difficult to stay active and involved.

Here are seven common habits that may be accelerating your aging process.

For those who drink coffee daily, missing their morning cup of joe for just a day or two can lead to headaches, brain fog, and irritability.

Your morning cup of inspiration

While having the occasional drink isn’t overly problematic, regular consumption of alcohol can cause dehydration and enlarge blood vessels, leading to dry, ruddy skin and wrinkles.

Alcohol consumption

Losing just 1% of our fluids leads to confusion, lack of focus, and mood swings.

Not drinking enough…

Persistent stress grinds us down, exhausts us, and makes us look and feel older.

Giving in to stress

Sleep deprivation is a real problem in the modern world. It not only leaves us groggy and unable to react quickly in the short term but also has significant long-term effects.

Lack of sleep

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