Going for the Golden Bachelor

The Bachelor is back - but with a twist. This season will feature a Golden Bachelor and 22 Prime Women looking for love. Who are you rooting for?

Since its debut in 2002, ABC’s “The Bachelor” has become a pop culture phenomenon, with viewers tuning in for every drama-filled episode to see who gets the rose and who gets sent packing.

The show has spawned several spinoffs, including “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise,” all filled with hot, young singles vying to be the chosen one standing at the alter on the season finale.

The bachelor himself is a strikingly handsome 72-year-old silver fox named Gerry Turner.

Meet the Man

Turner was married to his high school sweetheart for 43 years before she died of a sudden illness in 2017, leaving Turner, their two daughters, and two granddaughters heartbroken.

While we don’t think Mirren will be among the 22 women exiting a limo in the premier, neither are we expecting to see women who look more like the “Golden Girls” than “The Golden Bachelor” contestants.

A Look at the Ladies

Sneak peeks reveal that these women, all of whom are 60 or older, are not your typical blue-haired grandmas. These are smart, sexy, sophisticated women who range from fitness professionals to retired teachers and financial services professionals.

The premise of “The Bachelor” is simple: one eligible, handsome single man meets an array of equally beautiful single women, all vying for his heart.

Same but Different

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