Give Your Brain a Break with Mindful Breathing

Our minds are constantly bombarded with stimulation, and it can become overwhelming. Give your mind a break with wind breathing. Here's how.

Here are mindful breathing exercises that everyone, especially those over 50, should be doing regularly to give your brain a break.

– While standing, bend forward, letting your head hang. Dangle your arms close to the floor. – Moving slowly, return to the standing position, inhaling slowly and deeply.

Morning Cleanse

For this one, you’ll need to lie down on your back. After settling in comfortably (use pillows or cushions as required), close your eyes and take a few slow, steady, grounding breaths.

Breathe into Tension

This is another that is best done while lying on your back. Many people choose to practice belly breathing in bed.

Belly Breathing

Settle into a comfortable, upright sitting position and relax for a couple of seconds.

Whole Body Breathing

Close your eyes and focus on the sensation of your body breathing.

Affectionate Breathing

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