Fitness Trends for 2024 to Be Your Best You!

The world of fitness is ever evolving, but what's going to trend this year? We've got the top fitness trends, and they might surprise you!

Stan Kravchenko, founder of OneFit app, agrees, telling Men’s Journal, “This type of steady movement is becoming popular because it’s easy to sustain and is gentle on the body.”

Going Low

It improves posture, balance, and flexibility, all of which tend to become compromised as we age.

Being Flexible

Functional fitness is the term coined for these movements that mimic what we do in daily life.

Focusing on Function

We are talking about repetition using light to medium weights or even body weight to prevent the loss of muscle mass and bone density that occurs as women approach the pre and peri-menopause years.

Getting Stronger

Find the exercise that brings you happiness and the one that you look forward to doing, even if it means digging those neon leg warmers out of storage.

Embracing Playtime

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