Fit Fashion: Our Favorite Workout Clothes for Mature Women

As we age, we still want to look stylish in workout clothes, but you might be looking for options that give a little more comfort, coverage, and compression.

The good news is that there are wonderful choices, from workout tops and jackets to bottoms and shoes.

Here are some of my favorite clothing lines that are perfect for mature women.

Everything in the Any Age Activewear line has super thick, durable, and supportive fabric.

Any Age Long High Collar Jacket, $129.99

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This skirted legging can work all day, making you look and feel amazing.

Any Age A-Line Skirted Leggings, $79.99

The Land’s End Active Knit Skort is an excellent option that is great for mature women’s workouts like tennis, walking, and hiking.

Land’s End Active Knit Skort, $69.95

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The Land’s End Active Capri Pants are great for everyday wear or for your toughest workouts.

Land’s End Active Crop Yoga Pants, $67.95

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These pants are water repellent, have an adjustable waistband, and provide UPF 50+ sun protection.

All In Motion Taper Pants, $32

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