Everything You Need to Know About The Flexitarian Diet

In January, U.S. News released its report on the best diet for 2023, and once again, the flexitarian diet was near the top of the list for best diets overall.

Not only is this a simple daily diet, but it is also exceptionally easy to adjust to consider other dietary needs.

The word flexitarian is a mash-up of the words flexible and vegetarian.

What Is the Flexitarian Diet?

It’s used to describe the diet of an individual who eats mostly plant-based foods but allows themselves the flexibility to eat meat occasionally.

One of the greatest advantages of the flexitarian diet is its flexibility. It doesn’t have any precise rules.

Recommendations over Rules

No specific food or categories are off limits, there are no times that are off limits for eating, and calorie counting only applies if you are trying to lose or gain weight.

– Choose leaner cuts – Consider grass-fed, free-range, and organic meats – Eat less red meat – Eat more seafood

Selecting Meats

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