Easy Workouts for a Strong and Toned Back

The back is one of the body’s main muscle groups, so when you’re increasing overall muscle mass and bone density, you’re getting a large return on the investment of working out your back.

Benefits of a Back-Focused Workout

– Reduce back pain – Supports great posture – Balance & Stability – Improved strength & physical function

Pull-ups may seem like an exercise better left to boot camp, but when it comes to training your back, pull-ups are a perfect targeting back workout.

Assisted Pull-Ups

The dumbbell row primarily hits muscles on your back but also improves core stability, making it a perfect exercise as part of your back workout.

Bentover Dumbbell Row

This exercise will help improve your posture and help protect your shoulders, which commonly, with age, create range-of-motion problems.

Close-Grip Seated Cable Row

All these muscles in your butt, legs, and back work in unison for strength, stability, good posture, and freedom of movement.

Dumbbell Deadlifts

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Tools for a Toned Back

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