Downsizing Your Life and Home

If you're considering downsizing your home, here are some key tips to make it as easy as possible. Get organized in both your home and life!

Downsizing is the process of removing clutter from your home and life, retaining only the things most important to you.

When choosing where to move, it can be beneficial to take your time to decide how and where you want to live.

Consider your Next Move

- Evaluate the sustainability of items - Make a list of the things you use regularly - Take it one room or area at a time

Reducing Physical Clutter

Consider giving sentimental items that you don’t need, or that are too large to family or friends who may also treasure them.

What to do with purged items:

Having a yard or garage sale or selling objects online can help recoup some of your costs while providing a new home for items that you can’t keep.

Decluttering your life shouldn’t be restricted to just physical items, however. Simplifying your calendar can be one of the most satisfying ways to declutter your life.

Simplifying your Life

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