Best Exercise Methods To Lose Upper Body Fat

To target weight loss in a specific area, you must lose weight overall, as individuals may gain or lose weight evenly across their body.

If you have upper body fat that you find troublesome, whether it’s bra bulge, armpit fat, or that pesky muffin top, the first thing you’ll want to address is your nutrition.

To address weight gain caused by poor nutrition, prioritize improving your diet.

METHOD #1: Tighten Up Your Nutrition To Lose Upper Body Fat

Body resistance and weight training are the number one way to transform your body.

METHOD #2: Exercises To Lose Upper Body Fat

When you have a nutrition plan that works for you to maintain a lean physique, resistance training will build muscle and create tight definition.

– Jump Squats (engage leg muscles and torch calories) 60-seconds – Bent Over Rows 60-seconds – Push-ups 60-seconds

List of Exercises

– Plank Dumbbell Pull-Through 60-seconds – Renegade Row 60-seconds – Dumbbell Side Raises (lateral raises) 60-seconds – Standing Overhead Dumbbell Press 60-seconds

List of Exercises

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