Benefits of Walking for Mature Women

When it comes to getting exercise, there are many benefits of walking and reasons why you should fit one into your day.

Here are the benefits of walking – in case you need a reason to get out and get moving.

Walking can be a great workout, but the key is we have to get our heart rates elevated enough to burn calories.

Lose Weight

Staying fit is comparable to losing weight, but it’s more about your physical health and well-being.

Stay Fit

A walk tops my list of stress relievers. Stepping away from the chaos to unplug is my favorite daily escape.

Reduce Stress

You’ll find yourself being more productive and more positive as the day goes along if you work a self-care-focused walk into your day.

Increase Endorphins and Improve Mood

The study goes on to explain that this is because of the release of adrenaline and norepinephrine during exercise, both of which are known to reduce our body’s inflammatory response.

Couple Working Out Together

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