A Few Good Men… And Where to Meet Them

There are a ton of dating apps out there, but some women like to do it the old-fashioned way. Here's where to meet men that are worth it.

Read on for some ideas on unique places to meet men so you can find the meaningful connection you’ve been looking for.

With an abundance of material for conversation – travel plans, vacations, complaining about the airline – there’s no excuse not to say hello.

The airport

Having gone to the same school as him gives you a built-in connection. And your shared educational backgrounds can roll into some excellent conversation.

Alumni events

Start spreading the news that you’re looking to spend quality time with a quality man. People won’t keep an eye out for you unless you speak up and ask them to.


You’re dressed to impress and in a festive mood. So shine, shine, shine. But don’t drink too much, and forgo the bouquet and garter toss because, chances are, the younger ones are trying to catch them.


A man on vacation is a relaxed, happy man – and sometimes single and ready to mingle.

Vacation or staycation

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