3 Oblique Workouts to Strengthen Your Core

The obliques work together to help you bend side-to-side, rotate your torso from left to right, and assist with flexing your spine.

Strengthening your obliques by training them at least several times a week is excellent for your overall health and continued ease of mobility as you age.

Side bends can improve your spinal mobility and help increase the strength and flexibility of the low back and the abdominals.

1. Side Bend

Once you’re ready to strengthen and build those oblique muscles further, you can add a set of dumbbells to increase the weight and resistance.

The Russian Twist is a great way to build your core, and as a bonus, the added weight can help to build your shoulders.

2. Russian Twist

This is great for those tank-top arms! Many athletes agree that the Russian twist exercise is an excellent way to help with rotational movement.

Heel touches activate most of the primary muscles throughout your midsection, which makes them both a superb oblique exercise along with strengthening your entire core.

3. Heel Taps

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