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India Part II

Indochinese tiger

After saying goodbye to the Taj Mahal, we left Agra in our minivan for a short ride to the train station and headed to our next destination, Ranthambore National Park and Tiger Reserve. Being big game lovers, we couldn’t miss the chance to see India’s Bengal tigers. We choose to come in November which, along with May, is the best time to spot tigers and Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary is known for its tigers and is one of the best places in India to see these majestic predators in the jungle.


Our hotel for our three day stay was the luxurious Oberoi Vanyavilas.


To call our accommodations tents belies the incredible luxury to be found in every corner of these amazingly spacious structures. But as fabulous as our rooms were, the service was unmatched by any hotel anywhere or at least according to our well-traveled group.


This is one of two majestic tigers we were lucky enough to spot during our five animal spotting rides over a two and a half day stay—truly an unforgettable experience.


The drive from Rathambore afforded us some remarkable opportunities to see the countryside and the people of India. Here brilliantly clad women worked in the fields with their men and children.


Beautiful women filling their water jars from a well posed for a photo.


This woman was just one of many, many stunning women we saw along the way, always dressed in brilliant saris.


I had to try out a sari at one of our stops to visit a local merchant. Saris, cashmere scarfs and sweaters were our purchases.


Next stop was Jaipur, often called the Pink City because of its distinctly colored buildings and walls which were originally painted this color to imitate the red sandstone architecture of Mughal cities.


Astrological and Astronomical Instrument at the Jantar Mantar Observatory. Built in the 18th century, the huge masonry instruments were used to study the movement of the constellations and stars in the sky.


One of many intricate and elaborate inlays to be found in the City Palace situated in the heart of the old City.


Amer Fort stands atop a range of craggy hills outside Jaipur, offering magnificent views.


Don and Dianne found an elephant ride to be the best way to the top of that hill! Udaipur and Mumbai coming up next in our final India story.


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