Shoes We Love!

Shoes we love cover the gamut and there’s nothing that makes us happier than buying a new pair. This year’s crop will give even the most Carrie Bradshaw, shoe obsessed woman among us more styles, colors, heel variations than we can catalog or find room in our closet to store! You’ll find everything from mesh and leather heels to “flatforms” (those shoes that have a platform running the length of the shoe) and even sock ankle boots – for spring. While most of us women in our prime won’t be shopping the flatforms or ankle boots, there’s still a stunning array of options. Below we break down the new styles and the most “prime womanish” choices.


What’s not to love about a sexy heel? Not only are you taller but psychologists say we feel more confident in a pair of heels. We love our shoes because of the way they make us feel, and nothing makes us feel more empowered than a 3+ inch heel! However, for a long day at work, we’re getting more partial to the block heel, and thankfully, there are lots of options this spring.


Traditional mules are open back, slip on shoes with a closed toe. They are definitely shoes we love for ease of wear. This spring, you’ll see lots of mules with an open toe, perfect for warmer weather. Like mules, slides are slip on and can be flat or with a heel. Either way, you are going to want a couple of pairs of mules and slides for jeans, shorts and sundresses.


While we are a long way from summer, you will want to think about buying them NOW. The cutest styles and most fashion forward are already online and in stores. They sell out in the most popular sizes very quickly. Look for sandals that are as practical as they are statement-making and you will get loads of wear out of them when the weather heats up and you’re ready for bare legs and feet – just don’t forget the pedicure!




When you think of flats, you may conjure up visions of that Parisian gal who always looks chic, no matter what she is wearing. But if you examined her attire a little more closely, you’ll find they are always paired with a pant or skirt that balances the flat shoe and elongates the leg. Think skinny jeans, slim trousers, straight cropped jeans, A-line dresses, and shorter skirts. If you are a bit challenged in the height department, buy a flat (or heel for that matter) in nude to create an unbroken line that lengthens the whole silhouette.


Athleisure wear has ushered in another trend, and that’s wearing sneakers with virtually everything! While we’re no proponent of that trend, there are certainly some great looking sneakers on the market in various styles and colors that do look good with any number of outfits and are suitable for multiple occasions. Just don’t give up your dress shoes. Otherwise, it really does make it appear as if you’ve thrown the towel in! With that said, here are some shoes we love to wear with our most casual looks.