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Editor’s Note: April Highlights and a Look at May

April Highlights

Spring has Sprung! We’ve been happily shifting our seasonal editorial focus back to topics that embody the ‘F’s of warmer months: fun, fashion, fitness, and food!

Balance Exercises Some of our best stories this month were centered around healthy diets and staying fit. We found answers to “what do I eat”, from nutritionist and former chef, Caitlin Rogers. Writer Tracy March helped us understand why even though we’re compliant in our diet and exercise programs, we still don’t seem to be able to lose those extra pounds. One way to get more weight loss out of your exercising is to change the time you exercise. Researchers in Belgium seem to have cracked the code. As far as how to exercise, you may be missing an important step in your routine. Balance exercises are so often overlooked. Did you know that falling isn’t just a sign of klutziness-it could be a major sign that you’ve suffered some muscle loss? Add these simple suggestions to your routine, to maintain a strong core. By the way, there’s a way to have a personal, in-home masseuse for around $40. If you don’t already have one, you’re missing out! (Spoiler alert: you are this new masseuse. No creepy strangers!)

We recently switched up the format of our fashion articles, creating the PrimeWomen Lookbooks, and the response has been awe-inspiring. Our Instagram fans are nuts about the new collections, so if you’ve missed our ideas on the best nail polish colors for this spring and summer, or our admission to lusting after “naked” sandals, that’s a great place to start. We have head-to-toe styling suggestions to keep you inspired while you “Shop the Looks”.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger In case you’re thinking about summer-specific makeup, our makeup expert, Elizabeth Rist, has you covered!  She started with a list of the 7 best foundations for mature skin, and gave us some makeup tips on how to make our eyes pop! Her advice about the ‘waterline’ had me running to my makeup mirror to experiment, and I’m so excited about the results.

Not all of our stories are about self-focused topics, though. We took a couple leaps with writer Nancy McKeon, who is writing a weekly post on newsworthy topics. If you’re not familiar with her experience, she was an editor for the Washington Post Magazine and brings to the table that skillful observation of the world around us. Her first news-worthy piece was rather controversial. The second piece is crucial to read and digest; in this piece she explores something that the summertime – with its fashion staples of swimwear, and micro-sized wardrobe options, affects us all. It all started when we “reposted” one of our Instagram Follower’s posts. The essay essentially asks of us, “How do we see and hear other women, and how is that a reflection on how we see ourselves?”

Looking ahead-May and June are going to be great months! We have so many wonderful stories on our Editorial board for these months, that I can’t help but dish about what a few of those are, but no spoilers. New-ish writer Jackie Bayer is going to tell us how to stay sane in this crazy, crazy world. Another new-ish writer, Robin Griffith’s pieces have resonated with many, and are often among each month’s “top read” articles, so we’re excited that she is going to inspire us to our newfound purpose(s) in this phase of our lives.

Speaking of May- Mother’s Day is May 12th. (I know! I still have to get all of my gifts for the Mothers in my life….better late than never!) We know you’re just as busy as we are, what with all the redefining an entire generation, so we’ve got you covered with a few ideas that we think all Moms would love.

Now – to look to the future, to summer, to soirees, to fresh strawberries, and sunsets that stretch on and on and on, into the late evening hours….

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