2018 Year End Review

Year End Review

It’s time for the Prime Women year end review to say goodbye to 2018 and usher in 2019, hopefully, wiser, healthier and better than ever!

It’s been quite a year for Prime Women with over 2,000,000 visits to our website and over 4,000,000 page views. Our base of Subscribers grew to over 20,500 and is increasing daily at a very fast pace. We love bringing you stories from our contributing editors and we love that you enjoy and read them!

We’ve learned a lot this year about our audience; while we cater to an Over-50 Woman, many women of all phases of life come to us for knowledge and entertainment. However, one thing is for sure: the Over-50 Woman is NOT DEAD YET!

perimenopauseYou also care a lot about your health. It is our #1 most-read topic across all readers. Many of you embraced a healthy-living, positive-attitude mindset, which can only contribute to your desire to stay youthful. You loved the 4 minute workout – AKA Nitric Oxide Dump and so did we! But you’re not too obsessed with youth, as you happy dance your way through your mid-life years, while going with the flow of achieving 50 years of life on planet earth.

You’re a little sleep-deprived (hey-who isn’t), and it may be menopause symptoms keeping you up at night, but by day you’re proactively thinking about healthy eating, and embracing the science of diet-learning that you can’t exercise your way to weight loss at this age, or that your body needs specialized nutrients as a maturing woman. Plenty of you wanted to know how to curb the weight gain that is so typical of this phase of life.

You loved our ideas about nutrition, and the many recipes we shared this year. Many of you are cooking for one, so a lot of you are embracing the ease of familiar crockpot meals, something that was sparked by the instant success of the Instant Pot. Our number one recipe this year? Roasted Cauliflower! You are so smart for acknowledging the flavorful, healthy choice of one of the most forgotten vegetables.

As it turns out, we’re all a little scared of Alzheimers, and many of us are coping with caring for parents experiencing this critical disease and other milestones of their life as they age. Luckily, we’re armed with knowledge, and life-hacking our way to happiness and healthiness.

That brings us to the fact that this phase of life does not mark a slow-down but instead something akin to a fresh start; you’ve lived one, full life and now it seems as though you’ve been given a second one… something we call your Second Act

retireesWhile some of you are ready for retirement but don’t know what comes next, and some feel lost inside of a type of Mid-Life Crisis, more of you are readily researching “What’s Next?”.  You should also check out our recently launched Second Acts Program if you are looking for help and direction in this next phase of your life.

Women over 50 are breaking the mold of what is expected from women of all ages and have solidified the value of the mature woman in business, fitness and other industries. The conversations we had with Angie Everheart and Kathie Smith top the list and you also enjoyed learning about other Over-50 influencers like Barbara Hannah Gufferman, the author of The Best of Everything Over 50.

A standout for Prime Women has been our rankings in Google for dating over 50! You Foxes! And why not? Many of you are just discovering all the joys that life can bring, and you deserve to have someone with whom you can share those experiences. That must be why some of our most popular Beauty articles were about what makeup is best for an over-50 woman, and some helpful reminders on application, but we think you’re beautiful no matter what shade of eye shadow you apply.

One thing is for sure: You have someplace to be, and you know just how to get there: Comfy. You loved our advice on Weekender Style because heck yeah- we live in either work clothes or PJs during the week, too. That’s probably why you also wanted to know what this new Treggings thing was all about (spoiler alert: It’s Trousers+Leggings, and yes it basically means you get to wear PJs to work, tyvm!) and your favorite season to shop for fashion was in the Autumn.

So as we here at Prime Women look forward to 2019 and all of the knowledge that we have yet to uncover over the course of the year upcoming year, we are awed in gratitude for you, dear readers. Hats off to you, and be sure to check in with us on our FacebookInstagram and Twitter where we love to continue the conversation in real-time.