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This questionnaire is the first step to planning the new phase in your life.

Increasingly people don’t want to retire, they don’t want to play golf 365 days of the year, they have extraordinary skills and experience – but to do what? The following assessment will help you marshal your thoughts and ambitions, remind you of your dreams and create a new phase of your life that is fulfilling and full of new experiences and opportunities.

Take time to answer this questionnaire. It will remain confidential between us. We will produce an initial report from your answers; summing up what you want next. Keep this to hand when we start the first session of the Second Acts Program.

Once you have completed the assessment you can book in a call to discuss your thoughts and plans.

Q 01. What are your dreams and ambitions?

Think some years ahead – we suggest 15 years, but if for personal reasons this is difficult, think ahead as far as you can. What are your dreams and ambitions – think beyond the immediate years. Looking back from there, what do you want to be doing or to have accomplished? This is the time to make that happen!

Think widely, it could be anything from finding a new partner to spending more time with your grandchildren, to starting a new business or holding a non-exec position or growing your own vegetables. This question is just about your dreams or wishes – not what you think you have to do. If you don’t have any particular goal, that is fine – we are here to help you find or create them.

Q 02. How do you feel about

The following questions look at what thoughts you have had so far about your future. We have broken it down into sections such as working with charities mentoring, writing or speaking and other options.

Keen to do Possible option No interest
Becoming a non-executive director

Q 03. Working with a charity

Keen to do Possible option No interest
Become a Charity Director / Executive director
Help a charity with projects
Mentor charity employees/directors

Q 04. Influencing

Keen to do Possible option No interest
Become a thought leader on your specific expertise
Speaker - after dinner type speeches and conferences
Speaker at business events, sharing experiences

Q 05. Paid opportunities

Keen to do Possible option No interest
Start a new business
Become a consultant/freelancer
A trainer for other organisations
Run training courses myself

Q 06. Find an employed position

Keen to do Possible option No interest
Full time
Part time

Q 07. Working with schools and universities

Keen to do Possible option No interest
Give guest talks schools universities etc.
Mentor students
Mentor start ups
Become a full time school teacher e.g. teach maths and physics
Lecturer at college / university

Q 08. Writing

Keen to do Possible option No interest
A business book or guide
Weekly/monthly column
A blog
Research and write a white paper

Q 09. Other ideas

Keen to do Possible option No interest
Invest in businesses
Campaign on an issue
Get involved/more involved in politics
Coaching in a sport (specify which sport in the box below)
Help a local community (specify which community group in the box below)

A new hobby or passion / other ideas

Q 10. What will matter most in the new phase of your life? (in order of priority 1- 3)

Q 11. What skills do you have?

Q 12. What is your personality?

Agree strongly Agree a bit Disagree a bit Disagree strongly
I am a self-starter
I am better working with others
I prefer working on my own
I would be happy and good working at home
I will struggle to adapt to this new life


Q 13. How do you see the new phase of your life? (tick one box)

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Q 14. Have you got any strong views about the time you want to spend on your new activities/roles?

I want to keep dedicated time for hobbies/family/relaxation (apart from weekends)

Q 15. Ideally I would like my new roles/activities to be

Q 16. If you want to use your skills and continue being active, what is motivating you? (tick as many as apply)

Q 17. Are you set up at home to work if needed? (tick just one)

Q 18. What about PA/admin support? (tick one box)

Q 19. Do you need to earn money? (tick the box that most applies)

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Q 20. What scale of money do you need or would you like to earn/make a year?

Q 21. Where are you at with your planning? (tick the box that most applies)


Q 22. How do you feel about the new phase of your life? (tick the box that most applies)

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Q 23. What is your age? *

Q 24. How much longer do you want to be working in this new phase of your life.

Q 25. What sector/s have you worked in over your life? (tick all that apply)

Q 26. What was your most recent position? (tick all that apply)

Q 27. Do you have a recent CV?

Q 28. Do you have a CV for your new life eg non-executive director, helping charity, starting new business etc.

Q 29. Until now, how confident have you felt about achieving a fulfilling next stage in your life? (tick the box that most applies)


Q 30. What services and support would you be interested in? (Tick as many as apply) (Workshops would typically take 6 to 12 people)

Q 31. Where would you most likely attend an event? (Tick all that apply)

Q 32. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Please provide us with your url

Q 33. Do you have a Twitter account? Please provide us with your Twitter handle

Q 34. Are you happy for us to email you information and ideas about opportunities?