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Sheree Clark

TV Show Host and Healthy Lifestyle Coach; Former Managing Partner of Design Agency

Can you become a TV presenter and personality after a corporate career? Most definitely yes – and if you have ever wanted to be on TV, here Sheree Clark shares her inspiration, insights and tips to help you do this.

I interviewed Sheree for an online program that Prime Women is launching shortly – more details about this below if you want to follow in Sheree’s footsteps. She is one of those taking part in the program.

I started my interview by asking Sheree about her transition – she had a very successful advertising agency for 25 years and decided to shut it down and start out in completely new areas. Was it a courageous decision?

Sheree agrees that many have seen this as a courageous move, but she has a different take, “Most of what we do in life is about moving towards something – or moving away from something. In my case it was very much moving away. I spent 25 years building and running a company and loved it – but I had ceased to enjoy it. I am now nine years on from making that decision but with hindsight I should have done it years before. Yes, at the time I had doubts, terror, buyer’s remorse – all that. But there is a good saying – it will be all right in the end and if it’s not all right, it’s not the end.”

Sheree is now a life coach and has her own weekly TV show, Fork in the Road, about healthy living. This all started with an opportunity, “I was running Des Moines Raw Food Week– a seven day festival which I created. It was manic. In the middle my friend and our PR agent told me I needed to attend a meeting – she was persuasive! It turned out to be with TV executives and they needed someone to create a show. To go live in two weeks. And I had to make a decision then! I said yes and have not regretted this.”

For women who have thought about going on TV, Sheree reminds them television has to fill their shows with people – they NEED people to go on air, “To make my show interesting, I need to have guests every week. We need to know if there are people like you out there, so put yourself forward.”

She says you need to stand out, but not in a splashy or annoying way, “Be professional and detail-oriented. Spell people’s names correctly, watch the program and match what you do and can talk about to the show you are approaching.”

Sheree says you can’t overstate the importance of social media for anyone wanting to have a new career or promote what they do, “What I say is, if you have trepidation about social media – get over yourself! There is a bit in all of us that resents being attached to our phones and longing for more privacy, but that is the way of the world.

“Do you remember your grandparents and their friends, when they seemed so old fashioned?  Don’t be that person! Reframe how you think about all this.”

I would absolutely agree with Sheree’s advice, which is to think about your audience and where they are and also which social media is most likely to suit you – then focus on one or two channels. “I am good at talking to camera,” says Sheree, “so it is natural to have a YouTube channel – I post once a week. I have Instagram and Facebook but I am not good at saying things in a condensed way, so I don’t do much on Twitter. It doesn’t suit me.”

Sheree coaches women transitioning to their second act. I asked her for tips, based on what she sees. She says, “It doesn’t matter what stage of life we are at, we are all held back by the gap between what is in our heart and what is in our head. You should at least allow your heart to be heard and ask ‘what if?’”

She advises women to think about people they know who seem to have made ‘brave’ decisions and ask them to share a piece of their heart with you. And listen intently. “I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t help you if you asked. You just need to ask – but also make sure you are a role model to others and help them when asked.”

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Written by Victoria Tomlinson, Next Up