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For All Who Come After: A Mother in 1802 Looks Ahead 100 Years

A while ago a client brought me historic letters for me to evaluate. Mixed in with major historic figures was this humble 1802 letter. Our nation was very young, this unknown mother describes the day to day life in 1802 as she tries to imagine what the nation, the world… Read more


Fashion Finds: Top 5 Leggings

Leggings are the new yoga pants, the new pajama pants.....the new everything pants. Not only have leggings benefited from the return of the 80s that hit a few years ago in the fashion world, but they have also benefited from science and fiber technology. Take a pair of these for… Read more


3 Exciting Travel Trends for Women

Every year AdventureWomen surveys a sample of thousands of women to stay current about the latest trends in what women seek in an adventure travel experience. In 2018, women are expressing a new sense of personal empowerment, emboldened by “me too,” the current political environment, and the value the internet continues… Read more

Personal Growth

The Aging of Aquarius: New Book Ignites Passion and Purpose

Baby boomers and Generation X that follows them are now in range of retirement, and books about aging and the post-work life are proliferating. Most are really depressing. They tell us how much money we’ll need (lots!) when we are at an age where increasing income or wealth is not… Read more


If Everything is So Great, Why Aren’t You Happy?

Your marriage is good enough, the kids are not in crises, you’re pretty healthy for the most part, and you even have good friends and activities or work that you enjoy… Then why the hell aren’t you jumping up and down with joy? I know you are grateful. I know… Read more


Stepping Into Fall in Our Favorite Shoes

SHOE LOVERS, rejoice! Choices abound for updating your footwear selection with designers who have delivered shots of color, a variety of styles, and glittery embellishments. Furthermore, from chunky block heels to dainty kitten heels, fall 2022 is shaping up to be full of fabulous footwear. Sensational Shoes That'll Knock You… Read more


Probiotics Aren’t Just for Women

Bacteria is sometimes believed to be a "dirty word." Antibacterial hand sanitizer sits in every classroom across America. Antibacterial wipes are routinely used for cleaning hard surfaces. Antibacterial ointments are regularly applied to cuts and scrapes to prevent infection. It's no secret that certain types of bacteria can cause infection… Read more


Yoga: Utkatasana – Basic Chair Pose

Utkatasana (Chair Pose) gives strength to your thighs and ankles, while elongating the shoulders, butt, hips, and back. It gives lots of stretching to the Achilles tendons and shins, and can be therapeutic for flat feet. Utkatasana also stretches the shoulders and opens the chest area. Chair Pose was so hard for… Read more