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Should We Give Handouts to the Millennial Generation?

We’ve probably all heard the arguments put forward by some twenty something “Millennials” that generations before them “had it easy”; that we enjoyed final salary pensions; a free health service (in the UK), plus a housing boom which made older generations richer and at the same time, made getting on… Read more


Breast Cancer Diaries: The Journey

This is the third in a series of journal entries from contributing editor Adrienne Lawler, chronicling her breast cancer diagnosis and chemo treatment. 14th June And so the breast cancer journey begins properly and just in case I forget it, there is a handy canula in my right arm to remind me. It’s… Read more

Family & Friends

Breaking Up with a Gal-Pal: When it’s Time to Walk Away

Whether you just met her a few weeks ago or have been pals for years, you’re at the end of your rope. The friendship is no longer a kinship. In fact, sometimes it’s sheer torture. Maybe she’s still hung-up on a long-ago breakup and still endlessly drones on about it,… Read more

Dating - New Love

5 Online Dating Tips for Navigating the Over 50 Scene

My dating journey began in my 40s. I was clueless about both men and online dating. So much so that today, I still wince at how often I allowed a man to make me his email or phone pal. Truthfully, back then I was thrilled by the attention. Since he’d… Read more


The Increasing Rate of Suicide and How to Get Help

For the second time in days, we've been shocked and saddened to hear of a public figure who has taken their own life. Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain each seemingly had everything to live for: Fame, wealth, family, children... But the fact that we don't completely what drives someone to… Read more


Would You Benefit from the Nordic Diet?

It seems like a new diet craze pops up monthly with promises of improved health and significant weight loss. Unlike fad diets, though, the Nordic diet has some heavy hitters singing its praises such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and Harvard Medical School. In light of some alarming new… Read more

Featured Women

Our Interview with Angie Everhart

We're sure you remember the gorgeous Angie Everhart. She was a cover model for such fashion magazines as Elle and Glamour in the 90s. We had a chance to ask her a few questions about her career and personal life and are sure you're going to enjoy getting to know this inspirational woman even better.… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

6 Natural Deodorants for 6 Different Women

Natural deodorants have become mainstream thanks to increasing backlash over harmful chemicals found in their non-natural counterparts, including parabens, phthalate, propylene glycol, and the most concerning, aluminum. Though the American Cancer Society and the Alzheimer’s Association claim there is not enough evidence, studies have shown aluminum (aluminium) to have a genotoxic profile,… Read more