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Get the Skinny on Fat!

No fat, low fat, trans fat, fatty acid….has all the ‘blubber’ around fat got your brain feeling ‘overweight’ with a ‘stout’ amount of information? Allow me to share with you, the ‘skinny’ on fat! First, your body needs a healthy fat diet to function. Especially your brain because it is… Read more

Dating - New Love

Why Even After 50 You Still Love Bad Boys

There is nothing like dating a Bad Boy. He makes you feel so alive inside, and that’s part of why you may be wildly attracted to him. Bad Boys have this innate understanding of women. They know exactly what to say that makes you literally fall head over heels for… Read more

Food and Wine

Exotic Summer Wines from All-American Lodi Wineries

Lodi, two hours inland from San Francisco and a galaxy away from Napa Valley, is known for big, fruity Zinfandels. In fact, Lodi wineries produce some of the finest Zins in the world, and in a multitude of styles. But what many folks don’t know is that local producers tend… Read more

Finding Balance

Put Yourself on the List: Learning Work-Life Balance

At 9 pm on Saturday night, I left the courthouse. I had been selected as a juror for a trial a little more than two weeks earlier. It was only two weeks, but the whole experience felt like an eternity in some kind of parallel universe. The first weekend that fell… Read more

Family & Friends

Loving Across the Miles: Caring for Aging Parents

As our parents get older—and become ill or are no longer able to fully care for themselves—children living at a distance are faced with pressing problems. Most can't travel back and forth to provide sufficient help. They probably feel guilty about that—or regretful. Some aren't familiar with the area's social… Read more


Keep Calm: 7 Ways to Strengthen Your Resiliency

How resilient are you? Take this quick, utterly unscientific quiz: 1. Your son or daughter moves across the country, taking your grandchildren 2,500 miles away. Do you… a. Become depressed, cry, lose sleep? b. Cry a bit, then begin searching online for fun places to take your grandkids when you… Read more

Finding Balance

Are You Sleep Deprived? The Struggle is Real

Are you groggy morning after morning, reaching for the snooze button until it runs out of repeats? Most afternoons when 4 o’clock rolls around, would you give away your first born for a nap? Does each thing you see and do feel as if it has downshifted from clear and… Read more


Eileen Fisher: Our Salvation or Our Undoing?

The little mail-order catalogs from the fancy stores arrive, and I know what I'm going to find: four, sometimes six, pages of skirts and pants and tunics—lots and lots of tunics. And jackets—long jackets, asymmetrical jackets, because asymmetry is a thing, loose jackets, mostly jackets without buttons. A fair amount… Read more