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Neckglasses: Reading Glasses You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Sponsored Post It began in my mid-40s. My husband and I would be in a restaurant, a dimly lit, romantic-type restaurant, and the waiter would hand me the menu. The menu that was apparently written in the world's smallest font, in a text color that is just a shade darker… Read more

Finding Balance

Living Alone Doesn’t Have to Mean Living Lonely

More older women are living alone than older men in the United States, whether as a result of divorce, widowhood, or by choice. This number has decreased, however, from 79% in 1990 to 69% in 2014, mostly due to an uptick in life expectancies and more unmarried women moving in… Read more


Can You “Buy” Good Taste?

A witty but acerbic arbiter of fashion once suggested that you can learn tricks to develop style, but taste is something you’re either born with or you’re not. I disagree. There are principles of good taste that can be learned and adapted. One way is to educate yourself about the… Read more

Featured Women

Inspirational Women in Their Prime: Jill Sayre

Jill Sayre is a middle school English teacher – but not just any middle school teacher. She is also an author, artist, mother of three, and past actor and model. She grew up in a small town outside Los Angeles where she was inspired by the beauty of flowers and all the beauty in nature. She received… Read more

Finding Balance

Tips for Living with a High Functioning Autistic Child

Challenges, Triumphs, Blessings Living with a child diagnosed with high functioning autism is quite an adventure into personal "character building." You must grow with your child, change, adapt and as they do...think outside the box. From personal experience over 11 years of a fine young man's struggles and growth, this… Read more

Food and Wine

Watermelon Salad: The Perfect Summer Recipe

By this time of year, the tomatoes are perfect and so are the melons. So, what could be better then to combine them and make a watermelon salad?! This watermelon salad is wonderful as a first course or with grilled meats. So, for your next cookout, or patio party, or… Read more

Family & Friends

Helping Others: Reach Out and Touch Someone

In 1970, Diana Ross recorded Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand). It was long before that beautiful song was written and recorded, people all over the world were there for each other in good times and through seasons of their lives, that weren’t so great. There will come a time… Read more

Featured Destinations

In the Footsteps of the Knights of the Round Table

Southwestern Great Britain and French Brittany have shared some common history and culture for centuries. Britons, who left Great Britain during the 5th and 6th centuries, brought their ancestral stories with them when they settled in the northwestern region of France that became Brittany. One finds locations referring to King… Read more