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10 Stylish Medical Alert Bracelets

Nobody wants to wear a medical alert bracelet, but many of us have to. Luckily over the years, medical bracelets have become way more fashionable. In fact, they've evolved so much that most would not realize you were even wearing one. They will just think you are wearing a cute… Read more


How to Soften Coarse Gray Hair

Gray hair is trendy right now, but for those going gray naturally, the texture may have changed substantially. You may find that your hair is much rougher and the products you've always used are no longer cutting it. Before you panic now that there are some solutions. We've put together… Read more

Beauty & Fashion

DIY No-Chip Manicure

Like all important beauty regimens, such as those for hair and skin, your nails deserve some pampering. However, it’s not always possible or budget-friendly to visit your local nail salon time and time again. Giving yourself a no-chip manicure at home is easier than ever with the right materials and… Read more


The Six Essential Nutrients And Why You Need Them

The World Health Organization (WHO) note that essential nutrients are crucial in supporting a person’s reproduction, good health, and growth. The WHO divides these essential nutrients into two categories: micronutrients and macronutrients. Micronutrients are nutrients that a person needs in small doses. Micronutrients consist of vitamins and minerals. Although the… Read more


How to do Chair Yoga and the 6 Best Poses

If you think you're too old or inflexible for yoga, think again! You actually don’t have to touch your toes or get down on the floor and turn into a bendy straw to benefit from chair yoga. However, you still get to take advantage of the many benefits that this… Read more


My Five Day Modified-Fast Eating Plan

This article was first published in January 2018. Let me start off by saying I am not a doctor or a dietitian. I had one class in nutrition in college, which hardly qualifies me to recommend any eating program. However, I've always had a keen interest in nutrition and diet,… Read more


Heel Pain – Why Does it Happen and How To Fix It

When you’re trying to stay fit and healthy, there’s almost nothing more frustrating than chronic pain. When it occurs in the heel, it can be incredibly problematic because it prevents you from doing just about anything active. Several conditions or injuries can cause heel pain. But in almost every case,… Read more

Books and TV


Hundreds of titles are published every year, and we know it can be difficult and challenging to decide which books to read. So to help you get started, we selected ten titles from a list of the "Most Highly Anticipated Books for 2021." CELEBRATE THE NEW YEAR WITH BOOKS FROM… Read more