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The Weird Perimenopause Symptoms No One Tells You About 

The signs of perimenopause differ from woman to woman. Even many OB-GYNs aren’t as familiar with the hormone fluctuations marking the end of fertility as perhaps they should be. To add to the confusion, the symptoms of both perimenopause and early menopause often overlap in women as early as their… Read more


Hot Flashes Aren’t the Only Heat: Fire Up Your Libido

Dear midlife woman, Re: Your libido, or lack thereof First, let me say: Welcome to this Judgment-Free Space. As women, we’re not used to finding spaces where we aren’t being judged for something: our appearance, our tolerance, our tidiness, our emotions, our hair. Sometimes we move through the opinions of… Read more


Is It Normal… to Gain Weight After 50?

After you blew out the candles on your 50th birthday cake, did you notice your waistline growing ever so steadily? You’re not alone: According to Los Angeles-based nutrition expert Whitney English, MS, RDN, CPT, “It’s perfectly normal to begin gaining weight after 50 and have a harder time keeping the… Read more

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Here’s Why An Alaskan Vacation Could Change Your Life

Are you looking for a transformative travel experience? Do you want a break from the ordinary? Or perhaps a dramatic change of scene? An Alaskan vacation can be all that and more. Here’s why. The Landscape Simply put, you’ve never seen anything like it. Almost two and a half times… Read more


Finding Your Personal Zen: Managing Anxiety with Apps and Games

Have you ever woken up at night with your heart pounding, mind racing, and you are soaked in sweat.? If so, your night’s sleep is probably over, though the alarm wouldn’t ring for another two hours. You can try to calm your heart rate, your breathing, your desperation, and out-of-control… Read more

Featured Destinations

Glamping: Not Your Typical Nylon Tent

Just to set the record straight: my idea of camping is to stay at something other than a 5-star hotel on a floor that is not concierge level. So imagine my surprise when I traveled to Africa and Morocco and stayed at tented camps that provided great service, ambience and… Read more


Neckglasses: Reading Glasses You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Sponsored Post It began in my mid-40s. My husband and I would be in a restaurant, a dimly lit, romantic-type restaurant, and the waiter would hand me the menu. The menu that was apparently written in the world's smallest font, in a text color that is just a shade darker… Read more

Finding Balance

Living Alone Doesn’t Have to Mean Living Lonely

More older women are living alone than older men in the United States, whether as a result of divorce, widowhood, or by choice. This number has decreased, however, from 79% in 1990 to 69% in 2014, mostly due to an uptick in life expectancies and more unmarried women moving in… Read more