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Our Interview with Angie Everhart

We're sure you remember the gorgeous Angie Everhart. She was a cover model for such fashion magazines as Elle and Glamour in the 90s. We had a chance to ask her a few questions about her career and personal life and are sure you're going to enjoy getting to know this inspirational woman even better.… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

6 Natural Deodorants for 6 Different Women

Natural deodorants have become mainstream thanks to increasing backlash over harmful chemicals found in their non-natural counterparts, including parabens, phthalate, propylene glycol, and the most concerning, aluminum. Though the American Cancer Society and the Alzheimer’s Association claim there is not enough evidence, studies have shown aluminum (aluminium) to have a genotoxic profile,… Read more


To Improve Your Memory, Act Like a Kid

As kids, we were given all kinds of mnemonic tricks to memorize new material. Some that still come to mind are “Roy G Biv” for the colors of the spectrum, “Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally” for the order of operations in math and “My very educated mother just served… Read more


Most Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer Can Skip Chemo

Doctors currently recommend chemotherapy for women with early-stage breast cancer, but the results of a new study suggest that 70 percent of women with this type of cancer can safely skip the chemo. Instead, these patients can receive a medication that blocks hormones associated with breast cancer. These findings could… Read more

Career Transition

Writing Her Own Second Act

Getting a children’s picture book published is almost as difficult as winning the lottery, according to an experienced Chronicle Books editor. Those odds have not deterred Claire Bobrow, who is writing her own second act as an aspiring children’s book author. Claire’s journey to writing children’s books began several years… Read more

Featured Women

Handbag Designer Kate Spade 1962-2018

Remember when having a Kate Spade handbag conveyed a certain amount of cool on its owner? I recall owning one of those black, sleek, square-shaped nylon bags with a colorful gingham lining in the mid-‘90s. It wasn’t inexpensive but compared to the likes of an “it” Fendi or Chanel, it… Read more


Is It Normal… for Hair to Become Coarser With Age?

Does shiny, soft hair seem to be a thing of your past? It’s not your imagination — and you’re not alone: According to Anabel Kingsley, director of communications and trichologist at Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic in New York, as we age, our scalps’ oil secretions decline, which can cause hair… Read more

Career Transition

Assessing Your Skills and Talents: What Brings You Joy?

If you are looking ahead to what's next in your life, start by assessing your skills and talents. There are dozens of tests that can help. But here's an interesting angle. It's possible you no longer enjoy using some of your gifts. After racking up decades of experience, you may… Read more