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Is It Normal… for Hair to Become Coarser With Age?

Does shiny, soft hair seem to be a thing of your past? It’s not your imagination — and you’re not alone: According to Anabel Kingsley, director of communications and trichologist at Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic in New York, as we age, our scalps’ oil secretions decline, which can cause hair… Read more

Career Transition

Assessing Your Skills and Talents: What Brings You Joy?

If you are looking ahead to what's next in your life, start by assessing your skills and talents. There are dozens of tests that can help. But here's an interesting angle. It's possible you no longer enjoy using some of your gifts. After racking up decades of experience, you may… Read more

Featured Women

Charlotte Moss’ Secret to Setting a Stunning Table Every Day

You know how some people watch tons of cooking shows and rarely cook? I plan to do something like that with “Charlotte Moss Entertains,” from Rizzoli, the 10th book by the New York interior designer / event planner / retailer. I’m just going to read and re-read it and enjoy… Read more

Books and TV

Sandy’s Selections: Must-Read Summer Books

Summer has finally arrived, and it's the perfect time to catch up on reading your favorite summer books. No matter where vacation takes you, this list of summer books will keep you entertained with stories of Hemingway, Eleanor Roosevelt, politics, foreign lands and intrigue. Take a look and make your… Read more


The Best Bets for Living a Long, Healthy Life

In my early twenties, diagnosed with severe endometriosis, I made it my night job to learn everything I could about women’s health and what I could do to regain mine, and stay healthy. In my fifties, as a second career, I returned to school and graduated as a Certified Gerontologist… Read more


Expert Tips On Long Hair for Women Over 50

This big question is often asked. Now that I'm over 50, can I wear long hair? The answer is: YES! Most definitely! The key to long hair for women over 50 is how healthy your hair is. No matter the colour - brunette, blonde, auburn... I do truly believe, even… Read more

Featured Destinations

Detour Through Slovenia: Dragons, Caves and Castles

Even nowadays, it is still possible to explore Slovenian wonders without too many crowds. While one encounters a few buses filled with tourists in the most popular places, there are nevertheless many picturesque towns and sites to enjoy peacefully during your Slovenia travel. Landscapes change drastically, from the lush mountains… Read more

Personal Growth

Editor’s Note: What’s Hot and Happening in June

Welcome to June! It's drifting into the 100 degree range in Dallas, Texas this coming week. Trust me, we are not looking forward to a long summer of this! But we have plenty of distractions ahead. While things are heating up outside, we are working on some hot topics for… Read more