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Food and Wine

Blue Cheese Quesadilla with Mango Salsa

I think you'll love this blue cheese quesadilla recipe. The sweetness of the mango salsa plays against the saltiness of the blue cheese for a delicious combination. Mango Salsa 1 mango, peeled and finely chopped 2 tablespoons finely chopped red onion 2 tablespoons finely chopped jicama or apple 2 tablespoons… Read more


Breast Cancer Diaries: The Beginning

We are beginning a series of journal entries from contributing editor Adrienne Lawler, chronicling her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. The following is the first in the ongoing series. 8th June 2017 Cancer is a funny thing. No really, it is. At least it is when you share the news with… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

Is It Normal… to Get Moles Out of Nowhere?

During your regular skin check (you do those, right?), have you noticed a new mole or two? You need to get that checked out. But before you become alarmed, let’s look at what the emergence of a new mole can mean. Why Is It Not Normal? Almost everyone has a mole… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

The 6 Best Makeup Palettes for Women on the Go

Being a busy woman takes quite a large amount of planning. Preparing for any hectic day can be tiring, especially when you are wiped out from just having survived one! The best makeup palettes will help make getting ready a breeze. If you are packing for a quick weekend trip… Read more


How Do You Stay Young and Relevant in your 60s? (and 70s and 80s!)

I mentioned before that we’ve been helping people to find purpose in, and enjoy, their ‘unretirement’. A few weeks ago, one of our clients talked about having left corporate life and becoming a consultant. Just three years later, he is starting to feel out of touch with current language, trends,… Read more

New Surroundings

What’s Next? 9 Signs You’re on the Path to Something New

Are you feeling antsy, unfulfilled, overwhelmed -- or bored? Take a look at the calendar. You might be nearing an ending chapter in your work or personal life. If so, now is the time to look ahead at what's next. The power is to look at what is happening and… Read more

Books and TV

Book Review: Manhattan Beach

I was pleased to see the novel Manhattan Beach included in Sandy Dominy's recent “Books You Should Read Now” in Prime Women. It's been on many other lists of notable books as well, so when I received it for Christmas I was eager to give Manhattan Beach a go. I hadn't read author… Read more


Alone Time Without the Guilt

Women have come a long way in the workforce and family life, but Pew Research shows that women are still more likely to adjust their careers and work schedule to meet the needs of family and children. While men’s involvement at home has gone up significantly since the 60s, research… Read more