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Golden Door Spa: Life in the Slow Lane Isn’t So Slow After All

These days we could all use a break, and luxury spas are just what the doctor ordered. Spas provide the antidote to our high stress modern lives. They are resources for preventative health, wellness, anti-aging and more - and no "one size fits all" experience will do. Thankfully, many spas… Read more


Your Why Can Save Your Life: Go Red for Women

If it were possible to guard yourself from heart disease and heart attack, would you? What is your WHY? YOUR WHY February is Heart Month. As the world is adorned with red hearts at every turn, the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women movement asks that you see a… Read more

Family & Friends

Never Say Never: What a Dog Can Teach You About Love

Sometimes the thing you want least is the thing you need most. After the sudden death of my husband and a company relocation that took me 150 miles away from my friends and the comfort of familiar surroundings, the only thing I wanted to do was come home from work… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

The Eyes Have It: Flattering Eyeshadow Application Tips

Our eyes are the focal point of our face. It’s the first thing someone sees when they look at us. And as we age, the eyes are one of the first places to show signs of aging and darkness. So what can we do?! Prime It Using an eyeshadow primer is… Read more

Food and Wine

Food and Wine Pairings: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac Valentine’s Day Menu

Wine as a Valentine’s gift is always appreciated. But why not make an entire romantic dinner with a menu of libido-enhancing ingredients? It could be titillating to prepare an aphrodisiac Valentine’s Day menu featuring healthy, aphrodisiac foods - oysters, avocado, figs, olives, watermelon, halibut, raspberries, and dark chocolate. I have… Read more


Is Eating Carbs Bad for Your Diet? Stop the “Carbage”

What if you could tie in good sleep, weight loss and renewed energy? Here's the key. Don't ditch carbs completely. Include complex "low and slow" carbohydrates at every meal. Increase the number of carb servings at each meal throughout the day. Start with eating carbs at a lower amount for breakfast… Read more

Books and TV

Why Women Over 50 Ignore Advertising

J.Walter Thompson's London Innovation Group released a recent report on the lifestyles and attitudes of British women between the ages of 53 and 72 (the baby boomers). A whopping 72% of this group of women over 50 say they don't pay attention to advertising. Why, you might ask? The survey… Read more

Food and Wine

Healthyish Curried Sweet Potato Soup

The Curried Sweet Potato Soup shown above reflects the newest diet trend. And what is the latest in "diets"? Rule number one, don't use word "diet" at all! Modern wisdom calls for "healthy-ish" eating—food leaning toward nutrient-packed lean meats, lots of plants, whole grains and wholesome dairy and oils, with… Read more